When the sun is high and the customers have automatic reply on emails, it is no wonder that your sales activities goes down. Use this as a “power nap” and take a chance at some personal development in the summer!

Get in shape for the fall – in your sun lounger

To be away from work and to rest is important. Not only does it give you energy but also the opportunity to reflect on everything that you have accomplished in the recent months. When I have found the right position in the sun lounger, I take a look back on my successful moments as a sales person, but also my less successful moments. I try not to see the less successful moments as failures, but rather as opportunities to learn new things.

Write down your ups and downs – learn!

Whenever I come up with things I do well, or things that needs improvement, I write them down. I try to write down one thing every other day. Then, after the holidays, I have a foundation to build a development plan so that I can get better both as a sales person and as an individual.

It is not about job – it’s personal development!

Now, you might think that you shouldn’t be thinking about work during your vacation, but then I have a little suggestion; think of it as your personal development instead!  In order to always maximize the ability to reach your goals, this is required.

Finally, take it easy now and when you’re back at work after summer – just go go go! 🙂