ProfilGruppen is a Swedish company, with headquarters in Åseda, Sweden. They market, develop and manufacture customized profiles and components in aluminum. With 35 years of experience ProfilGruppen is characterized with quality awareness, efficiency, customer focus and entrepreneurship. Today, the group has about 350 employees in the northern European market.

Starting point

Previously there was little or no structure of customer information. The majority of the information was saved locally on sales people’s computers and if a someone was ill, it was difficult for anyone else to help the customer. The information needed to be gathered in one place for everyone to get an overview.

They wanted to replace several old systems and build a new platform to bring all contacts (customers, prospects and suppliers), businesses, contracts and sales statistics together.

The project started internally in March 2013 and in May Lime came into the picture, and in June 2013 ProfilGruppen was up and running.

Why Lime?

  • Flexible! Lime CRM is very flexible. So far we have not found anything that you can not do.
  • Great information hub! Lime CRM is a great place to gather everything (master) since you’re able to integrate with external systems, ERP system, financial system and QlikView.
  • Lime! We got a very good impression of Lime from the very start, and that feeling has stayed a through the project.
  • Quick filter! It’s what all users appreciate most about Lime CRM – the amazing quick filter.
Lime CRM logo
“We’ve definitely reduced our administration costs by using Lime CRM. The flows have become streamlined and have reduced a lot of extra work. We estimate that we have saved about a half-time position using Lime CRM. “
Mattias Lindahl, IT manager, ProfilGruppen

Results: Saves a part-time in administration

ProfilGruppen testifies that they definitely have reduced costs of administration since they got Lime CRM. They estimate it to a half-time position. The flows have become streamlined and Lime CRM has been very easy to integrate with other systems, saving a lot of extra work. The sales team have become more efficient as they can access their information from anywhere. They don’t have to look and ask for information and when they’re on the field, they will access the system through the mobile app.

ProfilGruppen also believe that they’re now able to help their customers much better, because the information is transparent and that everybody have access to it. Their way has become more professional.

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