Today, the Swedish IT company Lundalogik opens the doors to its new office in Ørestad Boulevard 61 F in Copenhagen. Lundalogik has started a Danish subsidiary and the objective is to capture a significant part of the Danish CRM market. The business will grow by 100% per year in Denmark until 2018, according to Executive Vice President Lars Andersson.

Lundalogik develops systems for sales and customer relations, so-called “Customer Relationship Management System”. The company has grown basically uninterrupted since it was founded by three students from the University of Lund in 1990. The company is an expert in the Nordic market and has 135 employees in offices in Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

With a Danish office and local staff, we will reach a whole other level. We have worked with Danish customers for a long time but it’s now time to invest and establish our presence for real, says Lars Andersson.

He continues:

Danish business culture differs significantly from the rest of the Nordic countries. Swedes, especially, have an industrial heritage where reasoning is often a long-term thing – for better or worse. Danes are merchants who think and act quickly. With a Danish office, we can work in a way that is based on the culture and the premise that prevails there.

Lundalogik will initially focus on its customized product Lime CRM. Lime CRM is a software that is developed and customized to the specific needs of the customer. Lime CRM customers are often large organizations and it is these that Lundalogik will first approach. Igor Taflev is responsible for starting up the Danish business together with his colleague Kristian Lysholt.

It has been successful to manage the Danish market via Lund, although on small scale. The establishment of the Copenhagen office will strengthen our position on the market properly. We are the only distinctive Nordic CRM expert and it gives us a great competitive advantages, says Igor.

Today, Lundalogik has 45 customers in Denmark and the plan is to grow both by selling the products and services themselves, and with the help of partners.


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