German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce: CRM for everyone

The purpose of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is to develop trade relations between Germany and Sweden. They do this by assisting German and Swedish companies in finding and doing business with each other, as well as, supporting businesses on site who have decided to establish in the partnering market.

With approximately 1 150 member companies, from sole-traders to multinational, stock exchange listed; and over 50 employees, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is the largest international trade commission in Sweden.


The members, customers, prospects and events of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce were handled completely in their bookkeeping systems, Excel-documents and Outlook. There were no common routines in how to handle customers, inquiries, projects or marketing. This was not only time consuming, but it made it difficult to get an overview of what was going on. This was also why marketing initiatives, where segmentation and target group analysis was required, were often ineffective.

The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce wanted one CRM-system that everyone could use, regardless of their position within the company. This would give all employees a common understanding of key information, such as, customers and members, to work from.

Why Lime CRM?

  • Smart integration with other tools, such as email marketing through Apsis, their ERP system and the membership pages on their website.
  • One single system for everybody, regardless of their position in the company.
  • Lime is easy to work with and was able to present great and reliable references.
  • Lime CRM can visualize important key numbers, divided by department.
  • Service to their members would improve, fast.
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“Lime CRM is a user-friendly information hub, where all the essential information is gathered. In one click, a coworker can get an overview of whether a company is a member, their contact persons, ongoing cases, dialogs and marketing activities.”
Malin Johansson, Head of communications, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The result: Everyone working in a single system

With Lime CRM, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce has created a user-friendly information hub, where all information is gathered. All of the 50 employees are working in one, common system, regardless of their position in the company. With links to their bookkeeping system, membership pages on their website and the marketing tool, Apsis, their everyday work has become more effective. Most importantly, they’re able to give better and faster service to their members.

Since the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce started working with Lime CRM, their member base has become more engaged, which is shown in, for example, a higher participation rate at seminars they host. Marketing communication is better targeted as a result of segmentation. The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce has also become better and faster in responding to inquiries and has a much more thorough overview of ongoing projects. According to Malin Johansson, the benefits of Lime CRM have exceeded their expectations.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Lime CRM Solution? Or maybe you’d like to know more about what Lime CRM can do for you? Contact Fredrik, our expert in member management. He’s the man you’ve been looking for!


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