Elektroautomatik is one of Scandinavia’s leading automation integrators. They work with increasing efficiency and quality in industry production and logistics through smart automation solutions. With high competence and a committed team, they have helped European industry to automate the past 50 years.

Starting point

Elektroautomatik previously used a CRM tool they’ve created themselves that really didn’t help the users. This led to no one using it, and in return no one relied on the information that was to found in the system. Customers, quotations and project information was spread in Outlook, the “CRM system”, flip charts and folder structures, making it difficult to get a unified customer view. It was of course also very time consuming to locate the right information. For a project-intensive business like Elektroautomatik it is important to keep track of upcoming and ongoing sales, all the documentation and to ensure that follow-ups are done correctly and on time.

The organization sought a system that users could see the value in using. After examining everything the market had to offer Elektroautomatik chose Lime.

Why Lime?

  • The simplicity of managing a prospects/customers, potential projects and details about them – a good overview.
  • Good price and the option to get a customized product without starting a major consulting project.
  • The product supports sales and marketing department’s processes.
  • Lime gives a good overall impression, from product to implementation and support.
”The introduction of Lime went very smoothly. It was easy to get started with the system, the support is very good and Lime makes us feel well cared for.”
Martina Elf, Communications, Elektroautomatik

Results: Improved follow up on quotes and goals

  • Improved monitoring of quotations and customers. And a clear follow up on each employee’s goals.
  • Reduced costs for administration since the search for information has improved.
  • Improved service and support since everything is stored in one place. Everything everyone ever said, done and promised is shared internally.
  • Increased market visibility through send outs from Lime. Updated and segmented data make send outs more accurate and efficient.

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