5 tricks for good customer care

2018-02-06T17:40:11+01:006 april, 2016|Salg|

Sales is often closely connected to new businesses, but to take care of your existing customers is just as important. Here are five tools to succeed with good customer care.

Increase your focus!

2018-01-23T10:38:46+01:0023 februar, 2016|Salg|

By becoming aware of the most common distractions, you can increase your focus significantly, with quite small means - and thus free up more selling time!

Do You Want to Be Messi, Ibra or Ronaldo of sales?

2018-01-23T10:41:15+01:0026 januar, 2016|Salg|

Sports and athletes have been compared to sales for ages. No wonder! Professional athletes work daily with success, setbacks, perseverance and determination. Erkka writes about how he finds inspiration from sports in his work as a sales rep. Do you recognize yourself?

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