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Salgs- og CRM-tips!

New year, new sales tricks?

When a new year comes around it's time to freshen up your sales tricks. Antti takes you through all of the basic ones you need to make your budget.

Secrets of closing the sale

Every small step in the sales process, every conversation, and every objection, is equally important to close the sale.

Attitude is key!

By thinking positively, it will be easier to achieve your goals. This week, Kavjan blogs about three useful tips that he has received.

Save time with smart e-mailing

CRM aims to streamline and create more time for customer caring activities. Here are some tips on how to save lots of time with smart e-mail management.

Are you brave enough to pull out of an opportunity?

Tired of opportunities that have consumed a large portion of your time, but never resulted in anything? Dare to challenge your customer! Vincent tells you how to know when pulling out of an opportunity probably is the right thing to do.

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