Become a better salesperson – the toddler way

There is no shortage of sales advice. I believe what you choose to do with the information is what is important. So how do you learn how to use it? The answer may very well be found among the best learners: the toddlers!

This insight came to me while observing our two year old daughters passion for puzzles. This can be compared to my passion for sales. I was fascinated how, although she had it “all” right, the puzzle piece would not fit.

Right time and the right place

It was the right piece, in the right place, at the right time, etc, etc. The problem was that she was too eager. A much to firm hand would not allow the puzzle piece to rotate into place. She did not yet possess the “feeling” required.

Could it be that many deals fall short because they are literary being forced into place? That all the right tools, perhaps even too many, are being used but the sharp edges remain?

How to become an puzzle expert

Today Elsa is as close to a puzzle virtuoso as I believe a two year old can be. So how did she get there?

  • She focused on one technique at a time
  • Each technique was tested multiple times before it was rejected
  • A softer grip allows the puzzle piece to fall into place

I therefore suggest that you avoid the temptation of simultaneously evaluating multiple techniques at once. You may end up throwing out the baby with the bathwater…

Take a step back and let the puzzle pieces fall into place, the toddler way – good luck!

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